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Two Watertown Rapids Players Named to Mid-Season League All-stars


Two Watertown Rapids Players Named to Mid-Season League All-stars


Watertown, NY.   The Watertown Rapids Collegiate Baseball Organization announced today that two players from the team, #6 Teck Nash and # 7 Jax Miller were named to the mid-season All-stars team by the Perfect Game Collegiate Baseball League for the East Division.  Nash also received East Division Week 5 Pitcher of the Week.  Miller was named as an All-Star in the designated hitter position and Nash was named as a pitcher.

In talking with Watertown Rapids Head Coach Mike Kogut about Miller and Nash being named to the All-Star team, he cited Miller’s .354 batting average with 34 hits and Nash’s 2.04 earned run average and 17 strikeouts during his showings for the team. Coach Kogut said, “Teck has thrown high leverage innings for us all summer. He comes into games and attacks hitters with multiple pitches in all quadrants of the strike zone.” Kogut added, “Jax is a solid hitter who makes good contact on a consistent basis. He has been productive at the top of the lineup providing a strong left-handed bat.”

Jax Miller , whose hometown is Pittsburgh Pa and attends Walsh University, was asked about how he maintains a great batting average in the face of some serious pitching talent from the other teams.  He replied,” I’ve accepted that I’m facing some of the best pitchers I’ve ever seen in my career. Staying relaxed every pitch and recognizing that there will be times I’m going to struggle, is a lot easier on your mind.”   “My goal is to hit every ball, so if I’m doing that I’m succeeding, “ he added.  Miller says his arm and having an idea in his mind of what the pitcher is going to throw is his strength. Jax said,” You can start to eliminate or also store pitches in the back of your head, based on your swings or previous at bats.”

Miller wants to spend the rest of the season improving his stats and focusing on helping his team improve the outcome of their season. Jax says he does hope to go beyond college ball, but it’s important to him to help his team win.   Jax says he’ll give 100% to his team every time he steps on the field. “Right now there’s a lot of tension, which is reasonable because we ‘ve lost a lot of games. Accepting our circumstances and our options and giving everything we have is the only option. We need to turn it around,” said Miller.

Teck Nash attends Hobart College and is from Cicero NY.  When asked about what Nash does during a game, when a power hitter steps up to the bat, while Nash is on the mound, he said, “All I think about is having the confidence in myself and knowing that I have the stuff to get that guy out.” “I trust the guys around me” he added. Teck said that his focus is on helping his team win as much as possible the rest of the season.  “To be successful,” Teck said, “communication with my teammates is important.”  “I need to take in what they have to say” he added.

You can learn more about the Watertown Rapids and see their remaining schedule at www.watertown-rapids.com.  Let’s Go Rapids!


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